Here's how:

Anything that identifies specific contents

  • Your product’s packaging with serial number
  • Documentation accompanying a pallet
  • A bill of lading on a shipping container

...is digitally signed by someone you designate as your signing officer

Then, anyone with a smartphone can read the information embedded in an NFC chip, QR code, or other means and check to see that the signature is valid identifies the same contents

Digital Signatures and Accountability Eliminate the Risk of Counterfeit Products

We'll work with your manufacturing company and enroll your selected signing officer so that only he or she controls the "Privacy PEN" that digitally signs identifying information: packaging with visible product SKU, serial number, bill of lading, or other identifying documentation.

The signing officer need not be physically present for the signing, as long as their Privacy PEN is well protected. However, by signing that the goods are not counterfeit, he or she is taking responsibility for the authenticity of the product.

The digital signature accompanies the packaging or other documentation in the form of an RFID chip or QR code.

As a result, anyone with a smartphone can check that signature against the packaging or other documentation to see that it's genuine, anywhere in the distribution channel!

The customer, using their smart phone, can verify that the product you are offering is genuine!

The AuthentiGoods process results in a high level of accountability throughout the supply chain and distribution network thus reducing the risk of counterfeit goods getting to the consumer. If you are a manufacturer, this process reduces the impact of counterfeit goods getting in the distribution chain and causing you to lose sales and the resulting impact to your brand quality because of shoddy counterfeit products. If you are a shipper, you can ensure your end customer that the product you are shipping on their behalf does not contain any counterfeit items. This is a win win for all parties involved.

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How your customer verifies your signature

Handheld Device

Modern PDAs and other handheld devices are capable of reading RFID tags.

Digital Signature

Your Authenticty Officer is issued a "key pair", two mathematically related numbers,. One key is public and the other private. The authenticity of anything digitally signed by the private key may be checked by anyone anywhere using the corresponding public key.

Signed Goods

Tamper-evident RFID stickers with chips that contain a digitally signed file may be checked at port of entry, on the loading dock, by the stocking clerk or by the customer herself.